A research engineer position is available at CEA Grenoble, for a
fixed-term contract. The typical duration of french fixed-term contracts
is 18 months, but arrangements are possible.


We are inviting application for a research engineer position at CEA
Grenoble, France, to join the DACLE division (Architecture, IC Design &
Embedded Software) in a team where we develop several solutions based on
compilers for securing embedded devices. The team operates in in
multi-disciplinary environment with experts in embedded software,
cyber-security for the Internet-of-Things, hardware design, and machine

CEA (Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) is the leading
French research institution: it was recently recognized as The World’s
Most Innovative Research Institution by Reuters (Top 25 Global
Innovators – Government list). Its Technological Research Division,
located in Grenoble and near Paris, is specialized in Information
Technology and Renewable Energies.


We are working on software and hardware countermeasures against
side-channel and fault injection attacks. The countermeasures are
designed at the software level, either for unprotected hardware or
designed to operate on hardware with specific security properties. The
application of countermeasures is automated thanks to dedicated

The successful candidate will take part of a research project focused on
the design of tools for the vulnerability analysis of fault injection
attacks, and tools for the automated application of countermeasures.


The candidates should have a Phd or a Master degree in computer science
or electronics, and should demonstrate a strong expertise in at least
one of the following topics: cybersecurity, embedded software,
compilation. In particular, we will focus on protections against
physical attacks and reverse engineering, and code obfuscation.

Ability to demonstrate familiarity with these skills is a plus:

– Embedded software development (architecture, version and
configuration management, testing), in particular on embedded
devices and mobile devices (Android)
– knowledge of the LLVM framework
– working in a research environment
– working in the context of European collaborative project
– dissemination of research results (i.e. writing scientific
publications, but not only :)).


– Write application and baremetal software for ARM and RISC-V cores,
– Write compiler passes in LLVM’s middle-end and backends,
– Analyze and improve security and efficiency of existing solutions
– Perform security and performance analysis and experimental
– Integrate your developments with other projects within the team, and
with our continuous integration tools
– Report and communicate internally at CEA, within the project, and
outside of the project

Job application

Feel free to ask questions / request more information before applying!

To apply, please send your detailed CV and a cover letter. The position
is opened until filled. The position is to be filled immediately.

The job position will remain opened until filled. Applications are
considered as soon as we receive them.



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