Sécurité et intégrité des systèmes

The SESAM team at the Laboratoire Hubert Curien in Saint-Étienne, France is looking for a candidate for a PhD position to work on the Study and design of memory protections for a heterogeneous SoC architecture.

The position is funded in the framework of the ANR-SCAMA project, whose partners are LTCI in Paris, LIRRM in Montpellier, Lab-STICC in Lorient and Laboratoire Hubert Curien in Saint-Étienne, starting in October 2024.

The candidate should have knowledge in the following areas:
– Embedded systems,
– Design and implementation of hardware architectures in FPGA,
– Knowledge in the field of hardware and/or software security would be a plus.

See the attached PDF for more details.

Interested candidates should get in touch with Brice Colombier (b.colombier@univ-st-etienne.fr) and Lilian Bossuet (lilian.bossuet@univ-st-etienne.fr).

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