GAUT 3.0: New version of the free and open-source HLS tool is available for download !

Dear colleagues,

we are happy to announce that a new version of our high level synthesis tool GAUT is now available!

GAUT 3.0 is FREE and OPEN-SOURCE Eclipse plug-in (Cecill-B license). You simply have to register, login and download from our GAUT website:

You will have access to the tool IDE, lab examples, video tutorials, the entire source code and programming environment.
GAUT 3.0 overview video is available at:

This new version is a suitable platform for researchers and students (PhD works, master labs, student projects…). This first public release was developped for pedagogical purpose and do not include advanced optimization features. This will be addressed in the next versions.

Starting from a C/C++ input description and a set of synthesis options, GAUT 3.0 automatically generates a hardware architecture composed of a controller and a datapath as well as memory and communication interfaces.

GAUT generates IEEE P1076 compliant RTL level VHDL and SystemC projects.

The VHDL files is an input for commercial, off the shelf, logical synthesis tools like Vivado from Xilinx or Design Compiler from Synopsys.
Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms are supported (32 or 64 bits).

More details about GAUT 3.0:

Compiler: gcc plugin compliant with gcc.4.8.2.
Communication interfaces: Fifo, Handshake, Memory, Bus.
Internal representation: Control and Data Flow Graph CDFG is now used (instead of DFG in the previous version). Indeed, the novelty in this new era of GAUT, the CONTROL!!! You can synthesize dynamic loops, dynamic memory accesses, break, goto and continue instructions…
High-level code transformations: Loop unrolling, function inlining, arrays…
Library of operators: automatic characterization is provided.
Test benches are automatically generated.
Scheduling options: list-based, ASAP, ALAP are available.
Binding options: Left Edge Algorithm (LEA) and Maximum Bipartite Weighting Matching (MWBM) are implemented.
Allocation: manual vs. automatic.

This version will be soon updated, so stay tuned!
More info, docs and technical details can be found here

The GAUT source code is available on git, see https://git@git.renater/gaut.git
Collaborations are welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us.