Sustainability SOC

During the last two decades, the number of electrical and electronic equipment has grown exponentially, especially smartphones, tablets and IoT. Such a trend is expected to continue to a similar extent over the next decade. Exchange data, watching videos, follow the news and (besides that) make phone calls, became very usual for billions of people…. And objects!

This leads to a concrete impact on the environment. Digital technology also implies the use of rare non-renewable resources, massive data storage, and various types of pollution, including greenhouse gas emissions of around 2% of global emissions (more than all global air traffic) …

So what is the environmental bill of the crazy number of communications and electronic devices? 

Can you use SOCs to decrease the bill?  

The workshop (free of charge) includes :

  • An Introduction, “Presentation of the chapter activities” IEEE CASS France Chair & GDRSOC2-FIC chair, P. Desgreys, Telecom Paris (December 2nd)
  • An invited keynote: « ICT environmental impact », T. Pirson, researcher in ECS group, UCL (December 2nd)
  • An invited keynote: “AgroSoC: An IoT SoC to improve soil yield”, V. Grimblatt, SYNOPSYS (December 2nd)
  • A technical poster session (December 3rd)