Organisateurs : Pr. Olivier ROMAIN et Pr. Daniel CHILLET

This Special Session focus on recent advances in development of embedded systems for health, wellness monitoring and personal assistance for any kind of persons, either suffering from a disease or not. The recent progress in wireless body sensor network, assistive and wearable technologies, in intelligent miniaturized sensors and actuators, cognitive sensors, powerful embedded processors, energy hardvesting techniques, wireless communications, modelling of the energy, bio-medical signals, but also to perform complex processing and classifications of bio-medical information, often allowing a remote monitoring or interaction with medical personnel. This enables new or better systems not only in the traditional fields like medicine and surgery, but also in those related to ageing population or to personal well-being. This special session aims discussing both on the design and implementation methodologies and technologies, as well as, the advanced applications and development of systems from the concept to its actual realisation and validation.

11.00 – Reza Ranjandish and Alexandre Schmid: Implantable IoT System for Closed- Loop Epilepsy Control based on Electrical Neuromodulation

11.20 – Marc Souchaud, Pierre Jacob, Camille Simon-Chane, Aymeric Histace, Maurice Tchuenté and Denis Sereno: Mobile Phones Hematophagous Diptera Surveillance in the field using Deep Learning and Wing Interference Patterns

11.40 – Julien LeKernec, Francesco Fioranelli, Shufan Yang, Jordane Lorandel and Olivier Romain: Radar for assisted living in the context of Internet of Things for Health and beyond

12.00 – Achraf Lamlih, Philippe Freitas, Mohamed-Moez Belhaj, Vincent Kerzerho, Fabien Soulier, Serge Bernard, Tristan Rouyer, Sylvain Bonhommeau and Jérémie Salles: A Hybrid Bioimpedance Spectroscopy Architecture for a Wide Frequency Exploration of Tissue Electrical Properties

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